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Important terms of use for the website visitors

If you want to get the desirable services to enhance your business then WE6S Technology India is the ultimate destination for you. We are the most reputed and best IT company in Delhi NCR. Whether you want to design your website, develop it or enhance the business, we warmly welcome you at WE6S Technology India. Interacting with us takes your business to the height of peak and moreover you will get the excellent IT services. We are well known for providing the web design, web development, SEO, digital marketing services to the business owners. We offer the innovative solution that perfectly meets with your requirements. So please, read the terms of use before accessing the IT services.

Terms of uses when you hire our IT services :-
But to get the best IT solution from us you must have to follow the terms of using the services. Our terms are beneficial for both of us and also you will be to get the excellent services. Surely we are here to boost your business and help you in leading in the digital marketing industry. Our terms of uses set a rule and guidelines for the business owners and have to accept to get the services. It is a legal agreement and we maintain the rights which are beneficial for us and the business owners. Into the web design, development and digital marketing industry, we details about the terms of payments and cancellation and contents to the business owners. To develop or design the website, the owner has to deposit the half payment upon the acceptance. Once the half deposit has been accepted, we continue the work and in the last days the owner has to pay the full payment to us.

Permission and copyrights of IT services
All the designs of site, text, logos, graphics, images and icons are the property of WE6S Technology India and fully licensed by the copyright laws. The business owner or users do have any right to reuse the services until they do not take the permission from us. Our trademark of design, logos and services are completely registered and licensed by the laws. No one has the right to use it for publishing or delivers it to the press releases. Along with this, the user cannot promote our services without our permission. We are well known for providing the legal information about our IT services.

Contents of the WE6S Technology India website page
We have written the contents for the users are of general information. Here you can only read the general information about the services. We are not responsible for what the user read and said about the information. We can change the subject anytime without any type of notice. We can change or rewrite the contents anytime and moreover we can decline or reject the contents without providing any kind of information to the users. On focusing the terms, we have the right to modify post or disclose the site anytime without noticing the information to the users. We are fully licensed and works under provide the information appropriate. Hearing from the third party any information about us is not our responsibilities.

Other website links
The user can get connects with third party through the websites links. With the website links you can visit to the other website and get the information of the other websites. We provide the other website links only for the convenience of the business users. You can easily access the other links or website but we will not be responsible for the further action and it is proceed at your own risk. We only refer the links for the convenience but not for what you receive in the links. Moreover we are also not responsible for you have read the contents on the other website links. These links do not signify the connection with the third party connections.

Use the entire terms to interact with the company :-
Our website is bound to the terms and conditions for the users. So, we recommended the users to interact with us and get aware about the terms accurately. If you want to use this site then you must go through the terms of use section. We try our best and ensure to provide the accurate information about services but due to the circumstances and conditions we do not guarantee the same. If the user do not agree the terms then it is better to not to use the website and claim about any kind of further issues. We upload the information about the services and facilities but do not give guarantee about it. We have the right to write and modify or disclose the information to change the terms and condition anytime. We are not responsible what you have read on the website in case of modify the contents or misspelled the information.

Not responsible about the user’s feedback:-
As you have seen many customers and users give the feedback about the services. Whether the feedback response is negative or positive, we do not take it as a serious issue and we are not responsible for it. The users have their own opinion and can right anything according to their choice. But we are not responsible about the feedback system on our website. We are here to resolve the problem and guide the customers. But we strictly do not take the feedback as a problem on our website.

Accessing the website:-
At our website the user will find the various links and website that leads to the limitless websites. But we are not responsible for in which sites you go through. Moreover if you are using the website and face the data problem, damage system or any hacking system then we are strictly not responsible of it. You can access the other links of the website at your own risk but do not blame about this kind of issues during suffering the website. Ultimately the visitors on this website are bound to terms and conditions. The users are responsible of their own risk during using the website. We are not responsible for any kind of issues.


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