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Although an On-page SEO sufficient to achieve a paradigm of results of SEO, however to we satisfy your online marketing needs completely with a full-defined SEO, our link building strategies can prove highly beneficial to create an everlasting impact on your business. Link building is a branch of SEO, where external links are connected to the pages of your website. This way your website can be extracted based on the relevant searches on search engine results. Today, SEO patterns have changed considerably. Earlier the techniques that were popularly used to make a website’s online presence be better are now overtaken by newer ways. These strategies are intricate and arises the need of an expert SEO company. At WE6S Technology India, we have re-invented the techniques of SEO and have strategized many websites with significant changes in ranking and traffic generation. Our link building strategies are as well an amalgamation of older and newer SEO techniques. With increasing population of websites, although we feel that the older techniques are not so effective like they used to be, however they still continue to influence the changing marketing trends online. We emphasize links that not only favor the number of links but also speak quality as to from where these links are derived from.

The below are the factors that we consider mandatory for Quality link Building:

Significance of the site: We feel more the site is famous, its probability to bring out quality based link increases. An important site is trusted and hence the links that originate from that site has its own value.

Site’s relevance: The link that connects your website from a site must have relevant information based on the services that your business provides. For example if your website deals with selling cosmetic products, it must be linked to a resource that has applicable contents on beauty and wellness.

Anchor Text: In this strategy a multitude of links target a page with the correct SEO keywords, thus we render a good rank to your website because of the phrase in the anchor text which is rich in keywords.

Avoiding Spam: As the internet is majorly filled with spam. Hence it is necessary to filter out the websites with spam contents and link the website only to trusted sites.

Latest Resources: Considering the old facts that a once high ranked website, is now nowhere in the search engine results page. We make sure that your website is linked with the currently fresh websites.

Social Media Linking: The potential of social media networking sites is no longer a secret. Linking your website to the most common social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ etc. can draw direct crowds from these social media forums to generate traffic in your forums.


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